• Upsculpt Whale Kit
  • Upsculpt Whale Kit
  • Upsculpt Whale Kit

Upsculpt Whale Kit

If you're someone who enjoys ocean conservation, then imagine the wonder of creating a whale or fish from marine debris sourced from beach clean-ups. It’s easier than you might think, with this extraordinary DIY Whale kit that is locally produced, designed and assembled. When you display your sculpture it will delight your family and friends while spreading an important message about the dangers of plastics in the ocean.

Included in the box:
- Whale armature 
- 2 steel rods
- Repurposed hardwood base (from a local dock building business) 
- Assorted cleaned marine debris: (ropes/plastics) 
- Tail and Fin patterns to create your own upcycled whale sculpture.
- Instructions