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The Regeneration

Issue No.2 • Print

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What does the title mean?

To regenerate is to bring into renewed existence. The Regeneration is about the people, ideas, and businesses working to renew our relationship with the environment, changing the conversation about climate change and creating a more equitable world for all living things.

What's inside?

The overarching theme of this issue is plastic pollution and its connection to climate change. However, because of the breadth of factors that contribute to climate change, we've included pieces about environmental justice, palm oil, ocean plastic and environmental racism. We have also included some mindfulness techniques to move you forward.

This issue includes interviews, articles, art, products, and photography from ecologically conscious creatives around the world. This issue includes interviews with Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown, Katharine Wilkinson, lead writer for Drawdown, Summer Rayne Oakes, botanist and eco-model, Merijn Everaarts, CEO of Dopper, Dune Ives, Executive Director of The Lonely Whale Foundation, Chantal Plamondon, co-founder of, and Sah D’Simone, United Nations meditation teacher.