• #SFH - Spa From Home Kit
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#SFH - Spa From Home Kit

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Spa sustainably From Home.

Surreal Skincare Cool Napalm -  A 100% natural, cruelty free high-octane mask formulated for both acne and anti-aging that is specifically designed to rebuild the structural integrity of your outer lipid barrier

Croon Cleansing Starter Microfibers, Waves – 2 reusable face microfibers made to clean and exfoliate your face and remove makeup and impurities without a single chemical.  They are meant to be reused and last up to 200 washes, saving you and the planet from non-disposable wipes.  And once your croon microfibers are done? Send your used microfiber back to Croon and each one returned gets lovingly upcycled, making sure nothing gets tossed into a landfill. 

Kari Gran Mini-Kit:  Essential Cleansing Oil, Essential Hydrating Lavender Tonic, + 2 Essential Serums for healthy and hydrated skin.  All products are packed with ingredients abundant in antioxidants and omega fatty acids that nourish and hydrate skin while also helping to support skin's overall health.

Shea Lip Balm - Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E (tocopherol) and NO essential oils lip balm for ultra-sensitive skin.  

Lavender Vanilla Scented Candle - Natural hand-poured soy wax candle with cotton wick and premium fragrance oil including lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus and coconut.