• Oil + Water Lip Balm
Oil + Water

Oil + Water Lip Balm

The meaning of the name Oil + Water is two-fold.  In the most fundamental sense, it symbolizes distillation and reduction; oil and water are two elemental substances that in their most basic states are both pure, fundamental to life, and inextricable from their natural origins.

Oil + Water also represents the marriage of two worlds that don’t always seem to mix; our often hectic, increasingly urban lives can separate us from the natural world that sustains us.  The creator of Oil + Water, Erika Martins, learned that oil and water can and do mix, and are in fact the foundation of skincare in its purest sense, and in the same fashion, Oil + Water hopes to bring nature seamlessly back into every lifestyle, combining the very best of both worlds.

The selective approach that guides Oil + Water does not stop with sourcing of raw materials; it extends to all aspects of the business and their impact on both personal and environmental well-being, including product packaging and order shipping.  Oil + Water carefully consider and select all packaging to be as environmentally friendly as possible (either reusable, recycled, recyclable, or compostable), and they never include any unnecessary or redundant components.  Oil + Water use 100% cotton label stock for all of our product labels, as cotton is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable natural fiber.  Also, Oil + Water choose shipping boxes, tape, and packing materials to be either biodegradable or recyclable.

Untinted lip moisturizer
0.3 fl oz