• Surreal Skincare MINUS 10
  • Surreal Skincare MINUS 10
Surreal Skincare

Surreal Skincare MINUS 10

Surreal Skin care is 100% natural, cruelty free, and highly effective skincare. They believe in a minimal number of products, outstanding ingredients, simple routines & strong results.  Everything that goes into their products is 100% natural, including their preservatives.  They test their products on themselves and their friends, not on animals.  They also list their ingredients in words you can pronounce, not in latin.

MINUS 10 was born to help turn back time. As skin gets older, its more exposed to pollutants, sunshine and free radicals and it also loses a bit of collagen and elasticity every day. If left unchecked, your face will probably end up looking like Aunt Selma sooner than you wanted to.

Feeding skin cells their daily dose of the right long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids provides nourishment and vitamins to rebuild and maintain the structure and outer film of the skin’s natural, lipid barrier.  MINUS 10 helps lock moisture and nutrients in and keep pollutants out which ultimately leads to softer and smoother skin.