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The Regeneration

Issue No.4 • Print

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What's inside?

We began compiling this issue with the intention of focusing on changemakers taking unique approaches to advocacy, activism, lawmaking, and political engagement.

However, because climate change impacts every facet of society, we decided to broaden our scope of coverage to provide a more holistic overview of the most exciting happenings within the climate movement.

This is the future of The Regeneration. 

Page count: 212 pages of community-supported virtually ad-free climate positive news, poetry, photography and art.

This issue includes:

Climate communication tips
Kaitlyn Depew

Write climate for the right climate 
Deborah Lawrence

Climate art
Jill Pelto

Supporting museums
Jeremy Hoffman

Earth guardians
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Day Initiative
John Oppermann

Role Model Management
Anne Therese Bengtsson

Environmental justice and black
U.S. Rep. Donald McEachin

Straws and Green Roofs
Rafael Espinal

Whose responsibility is it?
Davis Burroughs

American University
carbon neutrality
Hannah Debelius and Megan Litke

Triumph of the Ssn
L. Hunter Lovins

Bacteria powered solar energy
Dr. Vikramaditya Yadav

Lighthouse BK
Naama Tamir

Vegan chef
Max La Manna

Agriculture technology
Ricky Stephens

Farmers market soup
Jamie Punzi

The 7 Virtues
Barb Stegmanne

Hermione Taylor

Amer Jandali