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The Regeneration

Issue No.3 • Print

What's inside?

This issue, we wanted to get a full understanding of fashion as an industry, from the fancy high brow stuff to the nitty gritty outdoor gear and all the fast fashion nonsense in between.

Featuring interviews, articles, art, products, and photography from ecologically conscious creatives around the world.

This issue includes:

Introduction from
Patrick Duffy, Guest Editor of The Regeneration Magazine from Global Fashion Exchange

Section 1:
The Industry

The Industry Issue: Waste
Common Objective

A Conversation On Sustainable Fashion
Jamie Clayton, Actress and Brand Ambassador for Global Fashion Exchange

An Interview with
Orsola de Castro, Founder of Fashion Revolution

New Rules of Retail Engagement: The Quest for Purity in Products
Brooke Blashill, Ogilvy

Connecting Artisans and Big Brands
Rebecca van Bergen, Founder and Executive Director of Nest

Reframing Corporate Social Responsibility
Laura Hunter + Devon Leahy from Futerra

Section 2:
Circular Brands

Cleaning Up Our Oceans
Brian Linton, 
Founder & CEO of United By Blue

From Trash to Treasure
Daniel Silverstein, 
Founder of Zero Waste Daniel

The Natural Beauty Revolution
Double Interview with Allie Cameron Founder of Hara The Label + Kelli Woo Founder of Basal The Shop

Reclaiming Vintage
Julia Grieve, 
Founder of Preloved

An Interview with
Rachel Faller, 
Founder of Tonlé

From Plastic Bottles to Clothes
Bill Johnston, 
Founder of Recover Brands

Turning Scraps into Socks and Undies
Dustin Winegardner + Harry Fricker, Founders of Arvin Goods

Chelsea Lensing Designs

Section 3:
The Future of Fashion

Andrea Diodati

Empowering women with multi-functional clothing
Alysia Reiner, Founder of Livari

What to Read
Clare Press, Author of "Wardrobe Crisis”

Connecting Luxury Brands with Ethical Missions
Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre, Founders of Maison De Mode

Fabric Recycling
Rachel Kibbe, Founder of Helpsy

On Loving What You Have
Anita Vandyke, at Rocket Science

Black-Owned Sustainable Brands
Dominique Drakeford, at Melanin and Sustainable Style

Regenerative Textiles
Samuel Barnes, The Regenerates

Delta Vintage, The Instagram Shop
Sophie Hirsh

The Polyester Problem
Mary Bemis, Reprise Activewear

Richmond Fashion Scene,
Rupa Singh, Ethical Style Collective