Final Straw

Final Straw – Gray

  • $24.50

Emma Rose Cohen, CEO and founder of Final, found her passion in sustainability on a Sunday morning during college. While walking around campus in Santa Barbara, she felt as though she was drowning in a sea of single-use plastics--solo cups, straws, and water bottles.

That day would stick with her. Emma went on to earn her master’s degree in environmental management and sustainability at Harvard and spent four years working at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As she watched different materials being wasted day in and day out, Emma couldn’t help but wonder if there was a better way. So she quit her job to work on her dream: to create fun alternatives to single-use plastics.

Final Straw's mission is to create reusable, responsibly made, badass products that reduce the need for plastics, empower individuals to change their buying habits, and raise awareness of the impacts of our everyday decisions.