• CROON Starter Kit 1+1
  • CROON Starter Kit 1+1
  • CROON Starter Kit 1+1

CROON Starter Kit 1+1

croon – the reusable, machine washable facial microfiber that cleanses, exfoliates, and removes makeup with just water. certified by dermatological institute dermatest, croon removes dirt, bacteria and even has been shown to reduce pore size without any harsh chemicals.

just one croon is reusable and effective for up to 200 machine washes, saving you and the planet from 400 wipes and bottled cleansers.

to move closer to our goal of zero waste, we replaced our original disposable packaging with packaging that you can keep and reuse.


2 x cleansing fibers
1 x reusable pouch
1 x laundry bag

20% acrylic / 80% polyester
65% acrylic / 35% polyester