CROON Essentials Kit

The average working life of a “disposable” wipe is just 10 seconds, but once it’s been tossed, it can take a whopping 100 years to breakdown. What?! Croon's face microfibers are meant to be reused and last up to 200 washes, saving you and the planet from non-disposable wipes.
And once your croon microfibers are done? Send your used microfiber back to Croon and each one returned gets lovingly upcycled, making sure nothing gets tossed into a landfill. Plus, all of Croon's packaging is made from 100% recycled materials without a trace of plastic.

Consider yourself a crooner alum because this essentials kit will provide you enough reusable cleansing and exfoliating microfibers for up to 20 whole months!

Croon is made to clean and exfoliate your face and remove makeup and impurities without a single chemical!

Cleansing Face Fibers: 20% Acrylic / 80% Polyester
Exfoliating Face Fibers: 65% Acrylic / 35% Polyester
Diameter of 3.6”
Made in Austria