• Surreal Skincare Acne Assassin
  • Surreal Skincare Acne Assassin
Surreal Skincare

Surreal Skincare Acne Assassin

Surreal Skin care is 100% natural, cruelty free, and highly effective skincare. They believe in a minimal number of products, outstanding ingredients, simple routines & strong results.  Everything that goes into their products is 100% natural, including their preservatives.  They test their products on themselves and their friends, not on animals.  They also list their ingredients in words you can pronounce, not in latin.

Acne Assassin serum (salicylic acid 2%) is relentless when it comes to killing pretty much any kind of acne, no matter how persistent or annoying or caused by makeup, hormones or bacteria.

It's formulated with a variety of acne fighting, natural oils like tea tree, neem, fenugreek, lavender, tamanu, seabuckthorn, rosemary, copaiba balsam and clove.

Not only do these oils have the fatty acids, vitamins and medicine your skin needs to thrive, but they also soften your skin, clear your pores and help kill bacteria that is the root cause of most cystic acne.